Navbharat Sewing Machine, Akola

Anything & everything in Sewing Machines

Anything and Everything in Sewing Machines

We Introduce Ourselves that We are the Reputed  & Pioneer Wholesale Distributors of Sewing Machines in Maharashtra since 1937. We are supplying sewing machine Top, Stand, Table, Electric Motor & Spare parts at lowest rate to the prominent Distributors, Traders, Dealers & Govt.Suppliers. We also Deals in all types of Industrial and semi Industrial Garments Sewing Machines. 

We are One and Only Distributor in Maharashtra which have:

 10 ISI Marked brand

 18 Registered brand

 7 Patent of Sewing Machine Stand including India's only ISI Marked Stand

 10 Quality of Sewing Machine Table made by MDF, PLY and India?s only

Navy board available in all size.

All of our customers are satisfied with our quality of goods & business terms. is our new website for our retail customers. if you want to buy a sewing machine for your Home, Tailoring Shop, Boutique or Garment unit, please visit here.

Navbharat Machines is Located at 18,19,20 Shastri Stedium, Fateh Chowk, Opp: Old Bus Stand, Near Tower, Akola. ( Maharashtra)- 444001.

you can call us at +917798861052 or +919423115752

or just give a miss call on +918268154252